In any organization, it is crucial that the right people are assigned to the right positions, meeting the necessary qualifications and experience. This perfect combination turns out to be a big challenge. Applus+ has positioned itself perfectly in this kind of activity through its Technical staffing service.

The division has a network of technical staffing specialists who understand their clients’ business and have a great pool of talent which match their customers’ requirements.

These specialists provide a wide range of services, from simply recruiting and employing somebody who is suitable for a particular job, to supervise their work and to take responsibility for their performance. This means a high added value. In Oman, for example, Applus+ has been supplying hundreds of inspectors, technicians, engineers and managers for more than 12 years to PDO (Petroleum Development Oman).

Petrochemical industry inspector

Working in the Middle East can be a challenging task. Almost none of the people supplied in the region are locals –the vast majority of them are Indians, Pakistanis or Filipinos–.

Applus+ maintains regular contact with them and makes sure that they are working safely, that they are properly cared for and that they get paid on time.  Additionally, they help to resolve any dispute between the customer and the contractor. This is helpful in order to attract good candidates and to keep them for many years.

As a long term supplier to their customers, Applus+ tries to understand the objectives, culture and values of the company to provide staff who fit with them. Once they know what their customer wants, they have access to their own network in the region, and also to the databases that collect a big pool of potential candidates. These databases are the first place that manpower specialists look into, since they contain over 600,000 CVs, including an own product, Velosijobs.

AV_Manpower_3The Applus jobs platform, supported by artificial intelligence, allows to automate the registration process for candidates, who can send an e-mail to the system and it will automatically read and populate the database. This database can be searched in 3 ways.

In the basic search, the results are given by putting in the search criteria. With the boolean search, you can write specific scripts to find very specific wording within a CV. And finally, the smart search calculates keyword density within a particular candidate’s record and produces a ranking and gives a scored based on what you are looking for.

Applus+ posts about 200 vacancies and receives 6,000 applications per month through this platform.