During the life cycle of electrical networks assets, a great amount of information is produced and gathered, that can be useful later on for management and maintenance of the facilities. As an expert in digital solutions and a trusted partner of the industrial sector, Applus+ has developed TRAZA+, a geographic information system that simplifies asset management and helps in the decision-making process.

TRAZA+ is a geolocation app for information management in power plants. It works as a data base optimised for renewable energy facilities that georeferences elements on diverse base cartography and analyses and extracts information about them in multiple formats. It is a web platform, accessible from anywhere through universal browsers with all security guarantees, by means of an https protocol and access code. The platform works offline, does not require installation, updates automatically and is based in open source technology, which opens up enormous possibilities for future developments.

A tailor-made digital solution

This digital solution organises hierarchically all information derived from the construction and operation of power plants, which can be used to develop and implement programs to increase their safety, reliability and efficiency, improving periodic inspections and enabling preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance. It can be customised according to clients’ needs for a management plan specifically designed for their assets and all surrounding land affected by their presence.

The TRAZA system was first launched in 2004 and is nowadays widely implemented in the industry, serving over 200 electric companies. Its great versatility allowed Applus+ to adapt it to wind farms and photovoltaic plants.