The Applus+ Energy Efficiency Unit works in energy consultancy providing technical assistance to its clients to help them achieve significant improvements in energy efficiency. One of the unit’s key services is advising on the selection of new  LED-technology equipment.

Foto tubos LED GNF 1In recent years, many manufacturers of LED lighting products have emerged, offering low-quality light bulbs and lamps at very competitive prices, but which do not comply with the latest technical standards. This new range of products, of unclear origin, may appear to meet the quality standards required in Europe, such as the CE label. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to obtain the CE label by developing a technical dossier on the product. However, this is a self-labelling process and a manufacturer can award itself a CE label without having to submit any documentation to any accreditation body.

This lack of regulation adversely affects the LED lighting technology market and it is common to find products whose quality has not been assured. It is therefore essential to distinguish between manufacturers and products who offer competitive prices but withreal benefits and guarantees, and poor quality products that can lead to a shorter lifespan than expected, faulty lighting installations, reactive power, poor light quality, etc.

In the Energy Efficiency Unit, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding the latest technological developments in this field and the leading manufacturers of LED lighting. Our experience in lighting projects in the hands of the Applus+ Group’s ESCO reminds us of the importance of selecting the right product in ensuring a project’s success.

The Energy Efficiency Unit has the support of Applus+ Laboratories’ testing laboratories in Bellaterra (Spain).

How is the project carried out?

GNF selects the lighting manufacturers and sends two samples of each product to the Applus+ Energy Efficiency Unit. Electrical tests are performed on one of these samples to measure the current; the active, reactive and apparent power; the power factor; cos; LED current; and power in standby mode.

Foto tubos LED GNF 2Lighting tests are performed on the second sample in a photometric tunnel, where elements such as colour spectrum, polar diagram, beam aperture, maximum luminance and response to variations in supply voltage and Flicker are analysed.

These rigorous laboratory tests provide an objective assessment of a product’s electrical and lighting features, enabling our clients to compare the results with the manufacturer’s official technical specifications.

Foto tubos LED GNF 3A constructive analysis of the product is made by the Energy Efficiency Unit. For this purpose, all of the component parts are disassembled and their material, durability, function, strength, suitability for use, etc., is determined. The quality of the connections and welds, ease of assembly, labelling instructions, wiring diagrams, packaging and critical points are analysed. Wworking temperature and heat dissipation are verified using thermography.

The lamp or light bulb’s key characteristics are detailed in a product report, which determines if it complies with our client’s minimum requirements.

What does this technical assistance bring to our customers?

Applus+ reports provide objective and detailed information about the technical characteristics of products, beyond those stated by manufacturers or importers.

Based on the results, our customer, GNF, can look at the correlation between quality and price and can determine if a product is economically competitive or simply cheaper due to a lack of quality. This enables them to expand their list of suppliers and products.

Foto tubos LED GNF 4

By helping our customers to source high-quality products at competitive prices, we help them to reduce the level of their investment in energy-efficiency measures while maintaining the desired level of savings. This ultimately leads to a shorter Return Period (RP).

It is now possible to source high-efficiency, quality LED products from relatively new manufacturers in the sector.

The Applus+ Energy Efficiency Unit helps to guarantee the reliability and efficiency of LED products. In so doing, we support our customers to improve their energy efficiency  safely.