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Every 15 seconds, 153 workers suffer an accident, according to the International Labour Organization.

The coordination of business activities has evolved into an almost exclusively documental model of management, focused on the fulfillment of customers’ requirements. For this reason, it’s necessary to address the reality of the companies, the activities of their employees and those of their contractors.

As in any other management process, the implementation of the business activities coordination should be initiated with a diagnosis of the situation. It’s essential to analyze the activities, the regulations applicable in each case, the productive organization, which are the existing resources, etc. This analysis can only be performed effectively with the collaboration of all those involved, as a first step for its integration in the system. It is also helpful to involve external partners as experienced as Applus+ Norcontrol.


Applus+ Norcontrol is a reference in this area and is fully qualified to assume the responsibility of health and safety in the coordination of business activities, providing:

  • Tested and specialized methodologiesTech.Ass.Health and safety 5
  • Adaptation of its business activities coordination procedures to each project and to the specific methods of each customer
  • Active participation in the business activities coordination
  • Advice on the choice of collective protection, personal protection equipment, machinery and ancillary measures
  • Verification of safety conditions in installations and works.
  • Revision of the occupational risk prevention documents created by participating companies and their personnel
  • Regular reports to analyze the statistical monitoring of the occupational accident rate
  • Incidents and accidents investigation
  • Specialized legal consultancy

We provide a comprehensive occupational health and safety service on business activities coordination, including the necessary technical assistance.