The reduction of fuel consumption and emission levels is one of the major concerns of the automotive industry. Industry efforts are focused on the development of more efficient powertrain solutions and the improvement of vehicle running resistance.

Running resistance - wheel hub For this purpose, Applus+ IDIADA has developed an innovative methodology which enables enhanced integration of the expertise and testing capabilities in different engineering functional areas in order to obtain the vehicle running resistance contributions in an accurate, reliable and effective way.

It is commonly measured through coast-down tests. The test consists of measuring the vehicle weight and the deceleration times when the transmission is set to neutral and no brake is applied. In order to identify the vehicle resistance contributions, a thorough test program is performed on different state-of-the-art facilities. The measured data is processed and corrected resulting in the split up of the total running resistance in the drivetrain friction losses, the tire rolling resistance, the brake pads losses, the wheel hub losses and the aerodynamic losses as a function of speed.

Applus+ IDIADA offers a complete service that includes the investigation of potential improvement areas in order to minimize vehicle running resistance, benchmark analysis and fuel consumption simulation based on the running resistance sensitivity factors.