Applus+ Automotive in Denmark has developed a new application for managing the inspection of off-lease vehicles, which may be exported to other countries where the Division offers these services.

Applus+ Automotive in Denmark has developed a new web application to manage off-lease vehicle inspection. This initiative improves the company´s software for such inspections and reinforces its reputation as a leader in the Danish market. Successful go-live of the project took place in 2017.

At the end of 2016, Applus+ Denmark recognized the growth of off leasing and the need to move towards the next generation of such systems. While a first generation system was already in place, it was apparent that a more sophisticated system was needed. Having surveyed the market and the options available, Applus+ Automotive decided to develop its own new system, together with the central Applus+ IT department.

This new system is innovative and flexible. The application has the appearance of a browser and works across all connected devices, whether computers, tablets or smartphones. Although the application has been developed in Denmark, in a next stage it will be available to operate in other geographies where Applus+ develops off-leasing vehicles inspection, in order to improve Automotive Division´s inspection services worldwide.

The system offers clients an open interface and the option to tailor the inspection specifically to their own precise needs. It can also deliver the data needed for further usage, such as online sales, digital car presentation, invoice validation for the user, etc. In addition, the system provides Applus+ inspectors with a guided workflow.

The application was initially used across 25 sites for 100 users, producing 7,000 inspections per year.

Key features of the application are:

  • Supports the inspection lifecycle: creation, vehicle data entry, checklists, damage identification, damage costing and client reports.
  • Can be used on tablet devices, allowing for mobility and increasing the efficiency of inspections.
  • Can be immediately adapted for other types of inspections (in addition to off-lease inspections), without the need for further development.
  • Available for use in different countries and regions (multi-language).
  • Customizable inspection reports.

This new application showcases Applus+ commitment to innovation. It serves to improve the quality of services available and thus maintains the level of excellence for which the company is known.


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