Automation has become, in recent years, a key component across all industrial sectors. It helps improve business productivity, product quality, flexibility and job safety by enabling quick and accurate operations, simplifying maintenance works and allowing real-time process monitoring.

Today’s industrial processes require a high degree of mobility and connectivity between their components. Improving these aspects of our operations is therefore becoming increasingly important.

Applus+ has worked to develop applications to achieve this kind of automation, focusing up until now on how information collected is processed and managed. Going forward, our focus will be on fieldwork, in particular the safe transfer of information to our databases and applications and its subsequent sharing with and delivery to our customers and partners.

The maturity of mobility technology today, both in terms of the devices and hardware available as well as existing mobility software platforms, makes it the perfect time to further develop the concept of mobility and apply it to all of our products and services.

mobility projectSo far the aim of most of our projects has been the automation of productive processes in order to achieve:

  • Improvements in efficiency and productivity.
  • The elimination of transcription errors and lack of data consistency.
  • Added value in terms of the product/service provided.
  • Guaranteed compliance with regulatory and client requirements.

The current features of certain Applus+ services allow us to:

  • Collect information on specific items, processes or systems, be this in the field, the client’s home, or in-house.
  • Process information at all levels, from automatic to more in-depth processing.
  • Generate specific deliverables for the client, e.g. a report, certificate, etc.
  • Provide ongoing support, such as troubleshooting, managing deviations, creating action plans, etc.
  • Collect and compile a wealth of aggregated information, providing added value to the customer.

These concepts led, last year, to the launch of the Mobility project, which involves the implementation of absolute mobility and connectivity across all operations through the collection of field data on a mobile device, data unity and avoidance of input errors, friendly field interfaces and immediate data transfer to both systems and databases.

The project reflects other pioneering projects in the field of mobility, such as CIMSA NOTEPAD, a configurable horizontal application that creates model inspections, each with its own dynamic forms and deliverable templates (reports, inspection records, etc.) that can be generated on an ad-hoc basis. It also allows for the collection of raw data in a database for subsequent analysis or use.

Other development ideas received under the auspices of Mobility resulted in the selection of the MRE (radioelectric certification) and Installapp+ (facilities control) proposals.