International assignments throughout the Group help enhance cultural literacy, facilitate the mastery of foreign languages and expand our professional networks, making employees an even greater asset for the company.

International mobility

Global mobility is on the rise as many employees seek to boost their personal growth and career development through an international move. In an increasingly global business environment, Applus+ IDIADA is aware of internationalisation and of the fact that investing in talent all around the world is essential to retaining a competitive edge.

Thus, the IDIADA Division’s internationalisation strategy, which is pivotal to company growth, facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise between the company’s various teams and business units, at the same time as offering employees personal and professional development opportunities.

As an example of this, in 2017 more than 115 Division professionals took part in the Moving People, Moving Minds international mobility programme, which saw them relocating to 15 of the 26 countries in which the Division has a presence, whether to a head office, branch office or business unit.

These initiatives are part of IDIADA´s talent-management programme, which is a strategic pillar of the Division. The Human Resources Department is constantly working to design, develop and promote a variety of programmes to attract and retain the best professionals and, in turn, to enhance team commitment.

There are six key aspects to the talent-management team’s strategy, which aims to provide individuals with new skills, new challenges and the experience needed to progress their careers:

  • The creation of an organisational structure that is in line with client needs. Definition of the various positions and of the different career stages and paths in each business area
  • A performance-appraisal system (objectives and competencies), which opens communication channels between managers and their staff
  • Recognition of team potential as a result of performance appraisals and ongoing communication between managers and employees
  • Training and development plans to foster talent:
    • A leadership programme that strives to develop managers’ skills and behaviour, providing tools to help them achieve their objectives
    • Continuing professional development and sharing of knowledge across business areas (“Knowledge & Learning” sessions)
  • The furthering of career paths and provision of development opportunities by way of mobility programmes, etc.
  • A system of rewards and recognition, with a view to promoting work-life balance and personal wellbeing


International mobility


The Division is aware of the importance of talent management and seeks to expand its global capabilities. As such, initiatives such as international mobility provide Applus+ employees with field experience that enables them to acquire new knowledge and skills and, in turn, helps the company to achieve its competitiveness and growth goals.