Applus+ Systems P1Inspection teams play a key role in the technical vehicle inspection process, directly influencing both the inspection procedure and the end result, technically, operationally and in terms of quality.

During 2016, a team from the Applus+ Automotive Division rolled out the replacement of the management software for equipment known as P1s across Applus+ technical vehicle inspection stations.

This software is mainly responsible for:

  • Collecting data from the different inspection equipment through a range of communication protocols, which depend on the specific type, brand and model of equipment in question
  • Defining the inspection procedure to be followed by the inspector so as to ensure compliance with the technical, quality and operational requirements imposed by current regulations and by Applus+
  • After the inspection, automatically sending the test results to the bespoke Applus+ inspection-management software, SIE Line

Since all inspectors use the same P1s, they follow the same inspection procedures regardless of the brand and model of inspection equipment they are using. This proves a great help in the training of inspectors and in ensuring consistency of inspection procedures across all stations.

In addition, the software is fully optimised for use in Applus+ facilities, thereby providing inspectors with the highest quality of inspection process.

The close working relationship between inspectors and the team developing the P1s has led to rapid technological growth, increased knowledge within the inspection teams and enhanced flexibility in terms of working with different suppliers and adapting to evolving scenarios, such as regulatory changes or entry into new markets.

Currently, the Applus+ P1 is able to interact with the key equipment,

brands and models on the market and we are continuing to work to incorporate new equipment, brands and models.