Applus+ Automotive

The Inspection Center Information System (SIE) is the application that manages the complete inspection process at the Applus+ Automotive stations in Spain.

During the inspection, a complete series of safety checks are conducted covering different parts of the vehicle, some of them using specific equipment. Data resulting from each test is captured by SIE using a module (P1) which ensures accuracy and repeatability in the measuring. For example, P1 which is linked to the brake tester is one of the most innovative solutions which takes into account specific values of the vehicle (pneumatic system, weight, etc.) for conducting a more adequate test for each type of vehicle. This P1 module provides values resulting from the brake tester which are displayed on different screens offering the inspector a sequence guide to carry out the test.

Applus+ Laboratories

Applus+ Laboratories has been working on several research projects for the aeronautical industry, developing techniques to be implemented in aircraft manufacturing processes or developing tools and test benches to test the structural integrity of critical parts of the plane.


One example is a launcher based on electromagnetic waves propulsion which was completed in 2015 after several years of work. This system was created to conduct development impact tests on aeronautical engines aimed at validating fan blade design for bird impact scenarios. This type of test requires a very precise projectile impact and therefore synchronization of the projectile and the blade is critical. Impact testing plays an important role in evaluating aeronautic components and can contribute to R&D, allowing scientists to more accurately judge the success of a new design or new materials to be included in the development of engines.

Applus+ Idiada

IDIADA_Nowadays the virtual development of a vehicle does not only concern the structural design. Simulation techniques are being applied to all components, functionalities and stages of the vehicle development in order to save resources and gain efficiency during the construction of a vehicle. At the same time, new vehicle materials, concepts and structures are reaching the market, which are included in the virtual design to achieve high vehicle performances.

Applus+ Idiada has digitalized all tracks of our proving ground facilities using a series of open file formats and open source tools for the detailed description, creation and evaluation of road surfaces. It is suitable for a broad range of applications that represent a perfect chance to make thousands of laps without using components and vehicles.

The first project was an “Integrated new service for comfort and fatigue tests in Virtual Proving Ground”. The objective of this project was to develop a correlated method that would allow the simulation in terms of comfort and fatigue of a full vehicle in our virtual testing tracks.

Further projects have been initiated to develop new services, products, and exploitations of our Virtual Proving Ground.