Applus+ has extensive experience developing business intelligent tools to manage the full lifecycle for the inspection and creation of all documentation associated with the project and according to customer requirements. Modern technologies enhance working capacity but generate lots of data and electronic files which have to be classified, filtered, treated and saved. Jobs performed at multiple locations and using multiple devices are becoming more and more common, and therefore continued improvements in mobility and connectivity are nowadays required. In order to respond to this challenge Applus+ is making important investments to provide mobility to the existing operational services and developing new products, services and applications based on smart technology. This programme is internally referred to as the “Norcontrol Mobility Project” and it is seen as a new step of the extended background in software development of the Company. The last outcome of this action is MOVICIMSA, which consists of a Mobile App (Android) designed for improving the current Inspection Management Tool (CIMSA), and other new developments are planned to be carried out along this line in the following months.


RTD Plant MasterApplus+  has been validating the first series of the Applus+ RTD Plant Master units since January 2015. Plant Master is a permanent monitoring system designed for controlling critical components sited in refineries, offshore platforms, chemical plants and power plants. Applus+ RTD Plant Master means an important breakthrough in safeguarding the integrity of assets and to control critical components placed in hazardous areas, subjected to high temperatures or located in narrow or inaccessible positions. Their design is based on ultrasound technology using sensors capable of delivering continuous optimum performance for many years at extremely high temperatures (up to 200ºC/390ºF).

This remote control system is a safe and cost-effective method to monitor a wide number of critical elements in Power and Oil and Gas plants, ensuring the frequency and integrity of the inspection required for such facilities. For more information watch our video: