The objective of the R&D activities in Applus+ is the creation of new services or products, the improvement of internal processes, and the acquisition of technical knowledge that can give our clients a competitive advantage in the market.

Constantly increasing innovation is a way of improving our relation with our clients, both current and potential. They see the R&D investments in all our divisions as a way of getting closer, either as a technological partner or as a collaborator to improve their results.

To a large extent, Applus+ leadership is based on the ability to adapt to multiple sectors, thanks to the constant innovation of each division. To achieve this, our company uses a shared innovation process that is made up of six important phases:

  • Generation of ideas
  • Alignment of these ideas with business strategy
  • Definition of the project and implementation
  • Seeking funding
  • Implementation of the result in a new service
  • Return on the investment

Throughout these stages, Applus+ divisions make use of different tools.

In this regard, Applus+ Idiada created ideada to search for, detect, select and promote the best ideas with the aim of triggering innovation in any area of the company.

Ideada Appeople 11     ideada logo

Applus+ RTD uses a specific methodology called Roadmapping, which ensures that every new product or idea that is generated is linked to a market opportunity.

      Roadmapping RTD_Appeople 12   Roadmapping2.docx  Roadmapping1a

Applus+ Norcontrol also uses the project launch sheet, where all the information relating to the planning of the project is collected; the project monitoring sheet, a type of notebook in which the progress is objectified using an algorithm to calculate the deviation on the project in days; and the Management Chart, which gives information about all the division’s innovation projects through a series of indicators.