Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative work methodology for setting up and managing a construction project. It encompasses the execution of the whole project and extends throughout the life cycle of the construction, facilitating its management and reducing its operational costs.

Gathering graphic information at different steps of the construction work

At Applus+, we have already started to implement BIM methodology, starting with construction projects which were at level 0 in their development process. At this level, work is carried out using 2D software. From this starting point at level 0, we have managed to reach level 4, where the components are checked on-site and are represented graphically in terms of shape, size, location, orientation, and measurements using information from the on-site tests. It also includes the graphic information needed in order to generate the final documents for the client when the project is finished, as well as the assembly information required for subsequent use and maintenance.

Monitoring construction works in real-time

BIM Technology

The implementation of BIM methodology includes all members of the team involved in providing technical support for the management of the construction work. By implementing BIM methodology in our projects, we have been able to monitor construction work in real-time. Also, all information gathered during the works is integrated into the compilation and submission of the weekly or monthly execution and quality monitoring reports, reflected in plans, diagrams, and details.



BIM: A methodology recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Development

BIM goes beyond traditional design systems based on plans as it includes geometric information and information about time, costs, environment, and maintenance. Over the past decade, BIM methodology has been gaining prominence in various countries, including Spain, where the Ministry of Development created the National Commission es.BIM in 2015 to assess how to implement BIM in the sector and in public tenders.

BIM 3D Technologies

Applus+ is one of the first companies to implement this efficient technology in a project. BIM allows us to reduce uncertainty for clients, bringing a higher level of reliability, precision, and control to the process of design and construction, and making it possible for projects to be more sustainable from a social, economic and environmental point of view.