The use of renewable energies, especially in the power sector, is being encouraged due to the fact that it is the largest source of greenhouse gases.

Applus+, through its division Applus+ Norcontrol, works closely with its clients to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of the facilities, complying with the applicable regulations. With more than 20 years of experience in the energy sector, Applus+ Norcontrol ensures total success in the operation of wind farms, thermo-solar and hydroelectric plants, at each and every project stage.

Among these projects is the Engineering, Supervision, Inspection and Quality Control of construction work of Larreynaga Hydroelectric Power Plant in Nicaragua.

Project overview

The project aimLarreynaga 4 270x190s to take advantage of the existing hydroelectric potential in the Río Viejo through the construction of a cascade hydroelectric power plant, using the turbinate waters of the Planta Centroamérica, increasing the domestic supply of electric power in 17 MW and an annual average of 73.0 GWH. The addition of this new hydropower plant to the Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN) will mean an increase in renewable energy production by 2.5% diversifying the national energy matrix.

The Larreynaga project is located in the northwest part of Nicaragua, in the Jinotega Department, in the Rio Viejo basin. The dam is located about 500 mts away from the restoration work of the Planta Centroamérica and forms a small reservoir of about 7 ha, whose drainage area is 11.2 km2.

The Río Tuma, adjacent to the upper part of the Río Viejo basin, was dammed in the 60s by the Mancotal dam, thereby forming the Apanás artificial lake with an area of 50 km2. Apanás waters pass through the Planta Centroamérica towards the Río Cacao, which in turn flows into the Río Viejo. The average flow turbinate in the Planta Centroamérica is 10.5 m3/s, and is the main contribution to the generation of Larreynaga project. The design flow for Larreynaga is estimated to be 22 m3/s.

Scope of workLarreynaga 7 270x190

The construction of the Larreynaga hydroelectric power plant is being executed through an EPC-type (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract, which includes all the basic and detailed engineering, supplementary investigations, construction works, manufacture, supply and installation of equipment required for operational start-up.



Scope of services delivered by Applus+

  • Provide engineering, supervision, inspection and quality control services to support the UEP in monitoring the work developed by the EPC contractor
  • Provide specialized staff to ensure all the field tests in the areas of Civil, Electromechanical and Electrical Works both in the central and the transmission line and substation, and the verification of all tests for the operation of the plantLarreynaga 6 270x190
  • Prepare all procedures and paperwork that will serve to properly manage the construction contract, including ways to control workforce, equipment and materials used in the works developed
  • Review, check and advise the owner about the approval of all matters relating to the Project General Design, comprising geotechnical studies, drainage, dam, power house, tunnel and penstock among others
  • Environmental monitoring of the work and the development of the hazardous and nonhazardous wastes management plan
  • Occupational Safety and Health monitoring