Applus+ K2 is an expert in engineering and industrial inspection and prevention management services to ensure safety in the Oil & Gas industry, providing services to drilling, production, engineering, procurement, and construction companies around the world. We have earned the confidence of these companies by consistently providing high quality work supported by a company-wide commitment to the best practices in the field.

At present, one of the most requested services is Drops Inspection Survey to develop a dropped objects prevention procedure. Applus+ K2 is one of the most specialised companies globally in the provision of this service, specifically for drilling rigs and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units.

Drops Survey is a type of inspection focused on eliminating the risk of incidents, injuries and fatalities caused by dropped or loose objects due to inadequate fixation in all areas of drilling and FPSO units. The main purpose of the survey is to identify unstable equipment or accessories that could potentially harm people or threaten asset integrity, to ensure that human life and valuable items are preserved and kept safe. We are also capable of providing training courses for the rig crew to develop a routine inspection and implement an effective management system when an object is dropped.

Based on the application of engineering methods for the secure fixation of items and structures, added to a solid risk management system, we provide our clients with the best digital solutions and effective control measures using a differentiated online management site, with remote access for the supervision and management of their assets.










An inspection followed by all necessary repairs and documentation on items needing rearrangement

After the inspection, we are able to provide our clients with a full list of critical items that need relocation or replacement and we are able to perform all necessary repairs thanks to our multidisciplinary staff for offshore maintenance. If there are any non-conformities, Applus+ performs immediate remedial action. If additional repairs are needed for parts or equipment, Applus+ reports the situation to the person in charge.

Applus+ provides both hard and soft copies of the reports alongside an interactive online reporting system, which enables clients to close out and log all non-conforming items.

The reports include:

  1. Register and photo-log of all items inspected
  2. Register and photo-log of all non-conforming items found
  3. Inspection books: all items inspected are included in the register and logs with methods to affix and secure (when applicable) stated alongside for reference purposes.

When reporting non-conformities, Applus+ informs about the reasons and proposes solutions. When requested, Applus+ provides a detailed list for ordering spare parts.

This type of inspection began in the drilling platforms and has currently expanded to different industry branches, including production (FPSOs) and pipelaying vessels. DROPS Survey is considered a good practice and it has been widely implemented by all sectors.







Our DROPS technique is recognized by the IADC certification

Our technique has improved over the years in every country of operation. Nowadays, this service line is active in all five continents, with more than three hundred and fifty inspections performed. We are recognised by the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) who granted us a certification on the best market practices for providing high-level training and analysing processes, procedures and critical improvements necessary to adapt ourselves to the needs of the customers.