Drones are transforming all fields of activity and performing complex tasks that would otherwise pose a risk to human life. We are generally seeing an increase in the use of drones not only in data collection, but also in inspections.

In the industrial sector drones have a high potential for multiple purposes. Security can remotely monitor suspicious activity, or they can spot people quickly during search and rescue operations around job sites. Health and safety mangers are able to decrease safety risks by using drones for inspection of dangerous places such as tanks, while maintenance teams can detect leaks early or reduce budgets by using less scaffolding.

Inspections drones and other remote tools are equipped with cameras for the inspection of hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas. Remote technology provides ease of access and speed, thereby adding value to visual inspections and making it more efficient. Asset owners or managers receive visual proof of the condition of their assets in the most efficient way.

In such inspections, drones carry out hazardous and monotonous tasks remotely, freeing up manpower for safer, more productive work. Collision tolerant drones are used to access confined spaces or places that normal drones could not reach such as inside tanks and vessels.

One of the greatest benefits of these tools is without question the time saving that they offer, helping inspection teams to fulfil regular checks requirements, identify possible problems or present a quickly situational overview.

Inspectors can devote more time to analysing the data collected, meaning that inspections are safer, more valuable, quicker and more profitable. Applus+ uses cutting-edge remote inspection equipment and a team of experienced pilots to provide its clients with safer, more efficient solutions.

At Applus+ RVIS, an Applus+ Group company, we are working towards enhancing maintenance efficiency in the energy industry through the introduction of remote technology. The use of inspection drones and remote tools in energy industry inspections enables the early detection of damages, before they turn into more major problems. This technology also facilitates faster, safer and more coherent data collection and analysis.

By helping the oil and gas industry to inspect assets more quickly, safely and regularly, we are contributing to a reduced rate of accidents, losses and spillages for both social and commercial benefits.

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