IDIADA Division conducts research to identify key brake durability patterns

Extreme traffic and usage conditions can present significant challenges to general vehicle durability. Within the automotive industry, India is recognised as one of the most severe environments in terms of driving conditions, which may result in a deterioration of vehicle braking systems.

Knowledge of local driving conditions is essential when entering a new market. Applus+ IDIADA therefore undertook research to identify brake durability patterns in Delhi – city scape – and Pune –countryside-. These were then compared to other main programmes in Shanghai (China), Los Angeles (USA), Barcelona and Mojácar (Spain), for city scape and countryside profiles, respectively, to quantify the gaps between the markets in terms of driving patterns and road profiles.

Applus+ IDIADA Division conducts research to identify key brake durability patterns

In order to foster better understanding of the lap-braking characteristics, the comparison focused on route profile description, braking actuation –the action of engaging the brake– and route severity. The results found Delhi to be the slowest route, with Pune showing no significant difference compared to the other international countryside profiles, such as Mojácar, countryside profile in Spain.

Equally interesting was the pattern of braking actuation in the Indian market. Here, Delhi showed double the heavy city traffic profile of Shanghai. In terms of route severity, the countryside profiles usually show a higher brake load factor than city profiles, but a clear difference was noted between the two Indian locations, with higher energy dissipated by the brakes in Delhi –city scape– than in Pune –countryside profile–, reflecting the higher brake power factor in this city, higher than in the countryside.

Overall, the research reflects a clear trend of high braking severity in the Indian market, with the city area of Delhi proving more severe on brakes than the countryside of Pune. Compared to the other cities, Delhi has a heavy traffic profile, with slower driving speeds, a greater number of stops, and low brake cooling.

Identifying local driving patterns has helped Applus+ IDIADA to understand the needs of the Indian automotive industry. This, in turn, will allow it to provide targeted high quality products and services.