Developing synergies

Through its IDIADA Division, Applus+ has acquired two new high-tech driving simulators. As such, it remains a global leader in automotive industry design, testing, certification and engineering services.

Always client-driven, Applus+, through its IDIADA Division, is integrating virtual and physical driving tests. It aims to support its clients’ product-development activities by providing them with engineering, testing and homologation services that draw on the latest technology but are adapted to fit their needs.

In order to achieve this, we have acquired two new high-tech driving simulators, which are based at our Spanish headquarters. These new facilities enable us to provide unique virtual driving tests services for use in chassis development, vehicle dynamics, ADAS systems, autonomous driving and HMI applications.

One of these new simulators is VI-grade’s DiM250, a dynamic driving simulator capable of generating longitudinal, transversal and rotational acceleration forces of up to 2.5 g, characterised by low latency and high frequency. As such, it is able to reproduce a wide range of dynamic manoeuvres, thereby allowing for the testing and tuning of chassis systems and ADAS functionality at an early stage of development.

Additionally, Applus+ IDIADA already has a compact simulator in operation, with which it can carry out all the main tests except for dynamic perception.

Thanks to this new acquisition, Applus+ will be able to make the most of the synergies that exist between physical and virtual testing, generating new simulation models and with the subsequent possibility of using IDIADA’s test tracks. These tracks are also available in digital format, including comprehensive road data and high-resolution graphics.

This new service is expected to be fully operational in the second half of 2019, with the compact simulator already up and running now. It marks a key step towards our goal of becoming the global automotive industry’s most innovative and client-focused engineering and homologation company, able to support clients fully in their development activities.