Highest Industry Standards


The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a professional association that sets codes and standards for engineering equipment. As an ASME Authorized Inspection Agency, Applus+ inspection services for pressure equipment, which is constructed according to the ASME standards and require independent third party verification by Authorized Inspectors.

Besides ordinary inspections, the ASME Business Unit of Applus+ helps companies become certified by ASME, thus allowing them to manufacture pressure equipment under ASME standards and certifying it as such. This includes consultancy in establishing a detailed Quality System covering the entire manufacturing process.

By following ASME standards, the manufacturer not only applies a worldwide recognized standard but also opens up sales opportunities in international markets. Thanks to the ASME Certification Mark, consumers are guaranteed the highest industry standards of the products they purchase, since these are inspected by a qualified third party.

ASME standards are adopted worldwide, including the Middle East. This means that most of the pressure equipment utilized in processing plants, refineries, and power plants must conform to the ASME standard.

Countries using Applus+ services in the Middle East Region

Applus+ Velosi is currently present in almost all countries in the Middle East Region with local ASME inspectors available within short notice. The company leads the market in Oman and the UAE. In addition to this, Applus+ Velosi expanded last year beyond the region, offering now inspection services in Turkey and the Czech Republic. There are also some other interesting markets on our radar where we plan to expand in the near future.

Involvement with the European Pressure Equipment Directive

The European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) is another worldwide recognized set of rules for fabrication and installation of pressure equipment and it is gaining interest in the Middle East as well. As the market in this area started asking for inspections in accordance with these rules, Applus+ decided to extend its portfolio and has successfully trained and qualified their local UAE-based inspectors to enable them to meet these demands. The clients can profit as they will be able to apply the CE-Marking on their products after successful inspection.

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