Applus Idiada test bedApplus+ IDIADA’s engineers are constantly searching for ways to innovate and further advance the company’s services with the aim of becoming one of the top 10 automotive engineering companies in the world, and being already ranked in the top 20. In line with its policy of client-orientation, a year ago the Powertrain department invested in the acquisition of a new engine test bed, inaugurated in July 2016.

The team noticed a greater demand from OEMs for a service like this, furthermore, the number of companies around the world offering this service is limited. Our expert engineers have been able to find a solution to best meet our clients’ needs and the end result was this remarkable new asset. Although the Powertrain department already had four engine test beds, they wanted to make our services even more innovative.

“This new engine test bed will allow Applus IDIADA to offer service to larger engine manufacturers, specifically in the heavy-duty range who have both on-highway and off-road applications”, explains Xavier Ribas, Product Manager of Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Engineering in the Powertrain Department and project leader.

The new engine test bed is much larger and also uses state-of-the-art technology:  active dynamometer, test bed control allowing vehicle simulation, engine emissions measurement including new pollutants, and test cell with climatic ambient conditions.

Specifically, this new engine test bed will allow testing of engines of up to 660 kilowatts and is for diesel, natural gas and Dual-Fuel engines, as we already have our own LNG station connected to that facility.