Velosi TK Gozetim Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. fully operates in Tukey Country in industrial inspections service provision according to Applus+ targets in terms of HSE, clients satisfaction, international and local regulations and use of Group Procedures. On September 15th Velosi TK achieved the accreditation to TS EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 from Tϋkak (Turkish Accreditation Agency).

To better understand which are the benefits to hold an accreditation, let me detail the following.

What accreditation is

Accreditation is an attestation or certification by the National Accreditation Body certifying that a conformity assessment body satisfies the criteria established according to harmonised standards and where appropriate, any other supplementary requirements.

A product or service accompanied by a conformity attestation delivered by an accredited conformity assessment body inspires trust to the Client ensuring that it operates in conformity with international standards and other specific (Client’s) requirements related to its field of activity.

Only accredited testing, calibration, verification certification and inspection bodies are qualified to supply to the market reliable, credible and internationally recognized certifications of conformity.

Accreditation achievement and its retention through periodic audits certifies the competence of the accredited conformity assessment body and thus of the corresponding attestations issued by it (test reports, surveys, calibration certificates, certifications of management systems, product and personnel certifications and other attestations).

Accreditation is thus a guarantee of:

  • Impartiality: Assessments are carried out following objective criteria of applicable standards and with no bias or prejudices.
  • Independence: Assessments are not affected by outside factors that may influence the final decisions or reports. In order to ensure the two previous items European standards disallow offers of consultancy either directly or through associated organisations.
  • Confidentiality: Information provided by the Client or created when the body is carrying out its activity is treated as confidential and it will not be disclosed without the client authorization.
  • Competence: Accreditation certifies primarily that those performing the assessment are technically and professionally qualified.

The benefits of accreditation

Velosi TK accreditation 2

Accreditation is a voluntary process carried out through a transparent and efficient way, the positive effects of which filter through to all operators in the socio-economic system.

It is a means of regulation which supports the activities of the competent bodies in controlling operators on the market. Accreditation enables businesses to make a greater impact on the market: possession of an accredited conformity evaluation provides a significant competitive advantage because the result of the assessment through an accredited body is more reliable and also has an international standing.

Possession of an accreditation certification is a process which involves all the functions of an organisation, also in terms of commitment and knowledge, so that the entire structure emerges stronger in terms of both productivity drive and the management of internal and external risks.

Accredited subjects

Tϋkak’s mission involves the accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies as:

  • Certification Bodies
  • Inspection Bodies
  • Verification Bodies
  • Testing bodies
  • Calibration bodies
independence criteria

Independence Criteria for Type A Accredited Inspection Body

Velosi TK Gozetim Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. Accreditation

Velosi TK accreditation 1

Following a detailed quality, organizational, technical and operational training sessions to the local office staff and to skilled Turkish inspectors, a stringent five days audit by Tϋkak assessed and accredited the company, now wholly recognized as a Type A Inspection Body. The accreditation demonstrates the competences of the Inspection Body and its staff.

This prestigious accreditation is an important milestone for the local office and for the whole Group and permits Velosi TK to be a competent, active Inspection Body into a growing market and strategic geo-political area.

The scope of services covered is vast and includes an extensive list of mechanical and electrical equipment according to applicable standards:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Welding Production
  • Steel Structures
  • Metal Machined Parts: Metal Pipes, Metal Plates, Valves, Pumps, Fittings.
  • Pipelines
  • Technical Measurement and Evaluation.

Accreditation is a quality infrastructure tool which supports the credibility and value of the work carried out by conformity assessment bodies and thus of the corresponding attestations issued by them (test and inspection reports, calibration certificates, certifications of management systems, products and personnel and other attestations).

Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies is carried out against globally accepted requirements set out in international standards defining competence criteria for the category of conformity assessment body, against supplementary sector specific requirements and against guidance documents from international and regional cooperation organisations of accreditation bodies.