The RTD DTI Trekscan is designed to inspect pipelines which are difficult to inspect (DTI), saving cost and improving pipeline integrity.


DTI Trekscan


In addition to the existing suite of tethered crawler tools that are used for the inspection of Difficult To Inspect pipelines, Applus+ RTD introduces the free-swimming DTI Trekscan for the inspection of these challenging pipelines.

This pipeline testing tool will be saving cost while improving pipeline integrity. It is an ultralight tool equipped with at least 160 ultrasonic transducers, resulting into 100% circumferential inspection coverage of the pipeline.

This ultrasonic pipeline testing method provides a reliable and accurate inspection service. Minimal line modifications are required to run this tool and a high first run success rate is achieved.

DTI Trekscan was designed to traverse back-to-back 90 degrees 1D bends with a speed of approximately 1.0 meter per second (2.2 mph) in liquid filled pipelines.

The latest ultrasonic technology and in-house developed analysis software guarantees the best possible inspection results. The tools can be deployed in most refined petroleum products, crude oils and water.

After the inspection, a Data Quality Assessment (DQA) is performed to check the collected data. The preliminary inspection result reporting is already available immediately after the inspection run and contains the most critical inspection results from the pipeline. The dig sheets and detailed inspection results will be provided after further analysis at the Applus+ RTD GPS headquarters.

Applications of DTI Trekscan include:

  • Compressor and pump station interconnects
  • Tank farm and interconnect lines
  • Distribution lines
  • New construction baseline inspection
  • Pipelines without as-built drawings
  • Product and fuel lines
  • Upstream loading and gathering lines
  • Water distribution lines
  • Airport fuel lines
  • Furnaces
  • River crossings

On request of the client, additional assessments can be made regarding the detected corrosion, mechanical damage, manufacturing metal loss, pipe deformation or laminations and other such as Fitness for Service (FFS) assessment.

Applus+ RTD, in collaboration with our local and international partners, have extensive experience in the application of these services in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, petrochemical, refining, ore processing and handling, mining and power generation industry.

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