The HydroFORM scanner is designed to offer the best inspection solution for detecting reductions in wall thickness due to corrosion, abrasion and erosion. HydroFORM also detects mid-wall damage, such as hydrogen-induced blistering or manufacturing-induced laminations, and easily differentiates between these anomalies and loss of wall thickness.

The HydroFORM scanner

Its increased production rates, affordability, and compatibility with existing Omniscan MX2 acquisition units make the HydroFORM scanner a cost-effective choice. Hydroform uses an ingenious local immersion concept, allowing excellent surface conformity and optimised coupling conditions for easy synchronisation on front-wall echo for OD and ID corrosion monitoring. No wedges are necessary with HydroFORM.

The HydroFORM system is an innovative carrier for phased array (PA) probes covering an area of up to 60 mm wide at a speed of up to 100 mm/s, with data increment size of 1.0 x 1.0 mm in the scan and index direction. The HydroFORM probe carrier fits a broad range of curvatures and diameters, without needing wedges.

HydroFORM is water-coupled to the inspection surface and will FORM itself to the scanned surface using a special gasket that minimises water consumption, providing excellent surface conformity for OD and ID applications. It can be outfitted with magnetic or rubber wheels or used within a fully automated scanner.

The HydroFORM and Omniscan combination provides unparalleled corrosion detection and characterisation in a compact, lightweight, battery-operated package. This combination is also Rope Access-friendly for applications that require inspections on tall or large structures, such as storage tanks, pipelines, windmill towers, offshore platforms, bridges, etc.

With its quick and accurate scanning and sizing, the HydroFORM scanner Applus+ presents a cost-effective solution for customers.


  1. High raster scan speed.
  2. High resolution.
  3. Simple set-up (semi-automatic).
  4. Detects and differentiates between corrosion, abrasion, erosion and other anomalies.
  5. Suitable for Rope Access.
The HydroFORM scanner