applus wire rope inspectionApplus+ K2, part of the Applus+ Group’s Energy & Industry Division, has launched a new wire rope inspection service line.

Applus+ K2 uses NDT Technologies LMA-300 units to inspect the internal condition of steel wire rope. In addition, trained inspectors simultaneously conduct external inspections of the wire rope checking for visible signs of defects. By inspecting both the internal and external condition of the wire rope, Applus+ K2 can offer clients the confidence to safely extend the life span of the wire rope thus offering significant savings.

The equipment used by Applus+ K2 measures both the loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) and localised flaw (LF) signals in steel wire ropes. The LMA signal measures the internal corrosion and wear of the wire rope. The LF signal gives indications of localized broken internal wire strands. In addition, the software can analyse the wire rope roughness (WRR) to produce a quantitative characterisation of any internal broken wire clusters and corrosion pitting giving a more accurate discard indication.

A significant advantage of using Applus+ K2’s LMA-300 units is that the equipment can conduct inspections on all wire rope sizes up to 83mm in diameter. Most standard wire rope inspection units are designed to inspect ropes of a more limited diameter range. This means that two or more inspection units are generally required for the inspection of a single crane, thus by utilising Applus+ K2, clients can realize commercial savings on equipment transit and day rates against the majority of service providers.

To supplement the state of the art equipment, Applus+ K2 has highly trained inspectors to analyse the results and offer clients reliable recommendations. They are trained to use EMAG equipment and all have wire rope inspection certification enabling them to conduct a simultaneous visual inspection of the wire rope. Furthermore, our teams have rope access skills so they can reach all hard-to-access areas.

The EMAG Wire Rope Inspection Service has been designed for use in several industries including the oil and gas (cranes, anchor lines, mooring lines, guy lines etc.), civil (cranes and elevators) and recreational (cable cars, ski lifts and zip lines) sectors.

applus wire rope inspection