Electric mobility

The race to foster green driving systems is heating up, and Applus+ IDIADA is keen to stay abreast of the competition. Clients can avail of a full service engineering and testing partner for electric and hybrid vehicle development projects, facilitating both conversion projects focused on maximising the number of carry-over-parts and development projects for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The services available cover a broad range, from concept studies, benchmarking, supplier management, development of drive control and energy management software, calibration, CAD, electronic and thermal design, right through to build, first run and vehicle validation including also charger interoperability testing services.

Applus+ IDIADA intends to remain at the forefront of this growing sector, and is working to continually improve its state-of-the-art facilities for electric mobility testing. A new e-motor test laboratory opened in April 2018, capable of testing electric traction units and motors for electric vehicles through last test technology and techniques. The first phase of the lab has is equipped with seven independent test benches, focused on 24/7 durability tests.

Electric mobility

The benches are operated in back-to-back configuration, i.e. two traction units are mechanically connected to one another via dyno transmissions, with one in motoring (traction) mode and the other in generating mode (see picture).

This configuration is unique in electric mobility because of the inherent characteristics of electric motors, with equal positive and negative torque capacities. This cutting-edge facility offers further advantages, as it has lower DC power needs and can provide more flexibility in testing the speed and torque ranges of different client samples.

Equipped with 15 benches all have a climatic chamber for different air temperatures (from -40 to +120ºC), as well as an integrated coolant conditioning unit for the cooling circuits of traction units. Finally, the battery simulators provide up to 1000V / 1400A and 400kW of power. These features, among others, enable testing of even high power applications.

Through the implementation of this new e-motor test laboratory, Applus+ IDIADA continues to innovate and improve its test circuit, the most comprehensive and independent of its kind in Europe. The facility boasts world-leading tracks, offering first-class design, engineering, testing and homologation services to the automotive industry.