Related to our last post, we have identified more examples of projects aimed at developing new products and services. Applus+ has made particular efforts to develop innovative solutions for the automotive sector, particularly in the areas of safety and security and sustainable mobility.

PROSPECTApplus+ Focus on Innovation 2015

An example is the Proactive Safety for Pedestrians and Cyclists (PROSPECT) European funded project (H2020) to improve the efficiency of active security systems for Vulnerable Users (VRUs) by extending their performance in different scenarios and improving their general yield. This project is performed by a consortium of 16 partners and led by Applus+.


In terms of sustainable mobility, special mention should go to our Heavy Duty Gas Engines Integrated into vehicles (HD-GAS) project. This is another European H2020 project intended to develop, optimise and test advanced two-fuelled and natural gas powered engines, involving a consortium of 19 partners from 9 different European countries.


The Cooperative Dynamic Formation of Platoons for Safe and Energy Optimized Goods Transportation (COMPANION) project aims to develop cooperative-mobility technologies to oversee autonomous vehicles in order to improve the fuel efficiency and security of goods transportation. This is a European 7FP project undertaken by a consortium of up to 7 complementary partners from 4 European countries.

T-Premium Card

The T-Premium Card project has developed a system to allow vehicles to pay for vehicle inspections and other services provided by garages or inspection centres, as a way to increase customer loyalty. The card is linked both to a web portal in which the centre can gather data from clients and to a website where clients can view past inspections and recharge their card to pay for future services.

Applus+ Focus on Innovation 2015 t-premium

The wide-ranging work undertaken by the Applus+ group in 2015 demonstrates our strong commitment to innovation and our firm belief that it is both a strategic asset and a cornerstone of our future growth.