Applus+ is an innovative Company which takes advantage of its technical knowledge to make progress. Every Applus+ Division develops innovative solutions to improve the inspections in several fields; both related to new tools or inspection systems to solve specific problems, and new means in order to maximize the internal effectiveness and offering added value to the customers.

These solutions reaffirm our specialization and drive us to be a reference in several fields and to stand out off our competitors, offering added value services.

Some examples of these new solutions are:

GPSI is a pioneer system for taximeters verification which is controlled by GPS. It has been led by Applus+ Automotive Spain in collaboration with Applus+ Laboratories. GPSI is the only existing system in the world, and it can be used for any kind of vehicles.


Among a wRTD IWEXide set of solutions for inspection, the IWEX technology (Inverse Wave Field Extrapolation) is a new Non Destructive Testing (NDT) technique provided  by Applus+ RTD. It has been developed after six years of research in the ultrasonic 3D technology. Used in the pipelines inspection, RTD IWEX technology increases the accuracy in the detection of defects within welds, detailing the size, position and characterization of faults. It provides a new option for inspection in the Oil and Gas and renewables infrastructures.


SERPEC from DIANNA project - Applus+

Applus+ Norcontrol has also developed a non-destructive inspection methodology for the Solar Thermal Field: Solarplus, which allows doing inspections without interrupting ongoing operations and makes the development of an inspection or a maintenance programme much easier.

In Aeronautics, Applus+ Laboratories has developed the product called SERPEC:  system for the inspection of narrow spaces in the aeronautic parts manufacturing. This development has been carried out in the context of the R&D collaborative project DIANNA which has been funded by the FEDER-INTERCONNECTA Programme (CDTI and European Regional Development Fund).


Another development is the virtual management tool known as AMIS (Asset RetyreManagement Inspection Services) created by Applus+ Velosi for performing global supplier supervision. AMIS provides to the users the means for monitoring their projects in real time, from any part of the world, at any moment which enhances also the productivity of our coordinators.

In the last few years Applus+ Idiada has created the virtual tool called Re-tyre. This tool classifies the retreated truck wheals attending their noise performances, rolling resistance and wet adherence in compliance with the future requirements of security and environmental yield.


These solutions are examples of the innovative capacity of Applus+ and its ability to customize services to meet the market needs and even exceed customer expectations.