Foto_Eco BrigadesCompanies are increasingly concerned with having access to services that help to protect the environment. Our eco-brigades service has allowed Applus+ to provide a new range of services in the environmental field, with products for remediation and pollution control, prevention of environmental accidents and control of water pollution.

This service is aimed at companies whose facilities can cause a localised contamination if there is an accident. Such companies have a particular need for anti-pollution surveillance and/or access to a rapid on-the-ground service during environmental accidents.

Applus+ has a team of specialists with experience in:

  • Use of containment barriers.
  • Withdrawal of wildlife at risk.
  • Removal of contamination from the water.
  • Control of water quality (both physical and chemical) during accident management.
  • Coordination with other emergency teams (e.g. fire brigade, civil defence, etc.).
  • Maintenance of all equipment necessary.

In addition, our new key products aim to prevent this type of contamination in the first instance.

This service provides our customers with access to expert staff during an environmental emergency, who will work with them to contain environmental contamination as efficiently and effectively as possible.


  • Rapid response
  • Effective coordination with other environmental emergency response teams
  • Clear and visible environmental protection policies
  • Reduced risk of environmental accidents

Our eco-brigades service is cost-effective for our customers. It helps to minimise large-scale expenditure in environmental clean-up, while the reduced risk of environmental accidents also means significant reductions in related insurance premiums.