Wind farms applusToday the 3.7% of global electricity is supplied by wind power, the most mature and developed form of renewable energy and its installed capacity grew more than 17% by the end of 2015, reaching 432.9 GW globally. China, the United States, Germany, India and Spain are the world’s leading producers.

These figures from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) suggest that wind power will continue to be the main new power source in the coming years, both in Europe and in many other regions, including the US and China.

Right now Europe leads the world in term of wind technology. According to the European Wind Energy Association, three out of the world’s top five turbine manufacturers are European.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the wind sector, since beginnings of the year 2000, Applus+ works closely with its clients to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of their wind assets, as well as their compliance with applicable regulations, both international and domestic. Over the course of this period, our experts have been involved in more than 100 wind-farm projects and inspected or commissioned more than 2,000 wind turbines worldwide.

From the Applus+ Wind Farm unit we offer a broad range of services during the whole value chain of a wind project:

Pre-construction Phase: feasibilities studies; Legal Consultancy including EHS legal regulation; Geotechnical and hydrogeological Studies and surveys; Wind resources studies; Conceptual engineering studies for EIA; Wind projects budget planning; PPA support and preliminary Due Diligences; Technical due diligence.

Construction & Commissioning Phase: Design review and optimization; Engineering review; Owner Engineering (Full Management); Contract EPC consulting (Advice and review); Vendor Surveillance; Quality Plans assistance; EHS support; QA/QC Technical Assistances (Civil, electrical, electromechanical and during commissioning); Environmental Monitoring and Final Acceptant Test.

O&M Phase: All kind of predictive maintenance including Gearbox oil analysis; Blade inspections; Curve power performance analysis including data record analysis (Production, alarms…); Electrical testing including thermographic; O&M Due Diligence and O&M contract assistance.

Applus wind team is fully committed to providing the best performance services to all our clients.

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